Reliably benefit from art


We advise you on how to successfully incorporate art in your enterprise. Creative solutions and suggestions in research & development, innovation in product design, marketing, sponsoring, and professional education:

  • Art in your enterprise yields pronounced and measurable advantages.

  • We design strategies tailored to your organisation and advise you during implementation.

Corporate Image and Art


Arts and culture can make a valuable contribution in conveying your corporate image and efficiently position it in the public consciousness.


Art in Enterprise


We advise you on the selection of artists, plan sponsoring activities, organise your studio visits and together with our partners support you in the purchase, borrowing, and tax treatment of artworks.

Research and Product Development


As an entrepreneur, you are continually tasked with supplying new products and solutions. Often the exchange with artists provides incalculable support in creating product ideas, illuminating new avenues of thought, or energising the creative process in research divisions.

Employees and Colleagues

Your professional development program needs an offering from arts and culture: what suits your enterprise, which art experiences or cultural offerings could be considered for your business – we will gladly advise you on these matters.
It is proven that the engagement with arts and culture motivates employees, broadens their horizons, and expands their scope in problem solving and decision making.

For further information and inquiries please contact:


Dunja Ganser and Barbara Garmusch

Hasenauerstrasse 35

1180 Vienna

Tel: +43 6991 27 25 326